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Welcome to

By Diana Epstein, Evidence Team Lead, OMB · August 26, 2021
Yellow tiles on blue background that spell “welcome”

Welcome to, the home for Federal program evaluation and the Evaluation Officer Council. We are excited to launch this site as a resource to support and build the Federal evaluation community,... Continue Reading

  • Evaluation
  • Evidence-Act

Using Evaluation to Advance Our Priorities

By Danny Yagan, Associate Director for Economic Policy, OMB · August 25, 2021
Looking glass to signify a focus on priorities

As this Administration works to address complex and urgent challenges facing our country, evaluation is necessary for answering key questions about what works and how we can improve, and is critical... Continue Reading

  • Policy
  • Evaluation

An Insider’s View on Implementing the Evidence Act

By Matt Soldner, Evaluation Officer, ED · August 24, 2021
Four hands linked to signify the work of the Evaluation Officers

As the Evaluation Officer for the Department of Education (ED) and member of the Evaluation Officer Council, I have been privileged to help make the vision of the Evidence Act a reality. Along the way,... Continue Reading

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  • Evaluation
  • Evidence-Act

Another Council? Why an Interagency Council on Evaluation Policy

By Jeffrey Hemmeter, Acting Deputy Associate Commissioner for the Office of Research, Demonstration, and Employment Support, SSA · August 23, 2021
People in a meeting to signify the Interagency Council on Evaluation Policy

The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (Evidence Act) was a culmination of years of efforts to set evaluation on par with statistics and data as necessary for ensuring federal policies are... Continue Reading

  • ICEP
  • Evaluation