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Evidence Plans

Capacity Assessments for Statistics, Research, Evaluation, and Other Analysis

As required by the Evidence Act, agencies must conduct and provide an assessment of the coverage, quality, methods, effectiveness, and independence of their statistics, evaluation, research, and analysis efforts. The Capacity Assessment is intended to help agencies to assess their ability and infrastructure to carry out evidence building activities like foundational fact finding, performance measurement, policy analysis, and program evaluation.

For additional details about the requirements of the Capacity Assessment, see: Appendix D of OMB M-19-23 and Section 290 of A-11.

Capacity Assessments by Agency

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Department of Agriculture

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Department of Commerce

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Department of Defense

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Department of Education

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Department of Energy

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Department of Health & Human Services

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Department of Homeland Security

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Department of Housing and Urban Development

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Department of Interior

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Department of Justice

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Department of Labor

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Department of State

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Department of Transportation

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Department of Treasury

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Department of Veterans Affairs

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Environmental Protection Agency

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General Services Administration

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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National Science Foundation

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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Office of Personnel Management

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Small Business Administration

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Social Security Administration

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U.S. Agency for International Development

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