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The Council

Interagency Council on Evaluation Policy (ICEP)

The mission of ICEP is to enhance the value and contributions of Federal evaluations to improve government operations and delivery of government services, by identifying and exploring opportunities to, among other things:

  • Respond to calls from the Federal evaluation community, including OMB and the Evaluation Officer Council, for consultation requests for technical assistance and/or resources to support agencies in meeting their mandates under the Evidence Act;
  • Develop and share papers and tools addressing methodological issues that affect Federal program evaluation; and
  • Host professional development opportunities for the Federal evaluation community.


ICEP is co-chaired by an Agency representative, on a rotating basis, and a representative from the OMB Evidence Team. The co-chairs, along with the Steering Committee, establish priorities, communicate with the Evaluation Officer Council, and provide guidance to the ICEP sub-committees. Steering Committee members are also active participants in the work of the Council.


ICEP members are current Federal employees who are technical experts in one or more aspects of evaluation. Members serve in their personal capacities as experts and do not represent their agencies. ICEP membership, including the Steering Committee, includes evaluators across all agency types (CFO Act, Small, and Independent) and sizes (large, midsize, and small), serving in a variety of roles including supervisory or non-supervisory, at different levels of their organization, (e.g., headquarters and components). There is no requirement that each agency be represented on ICEP at any given time nor is there a prohibition against multiple participants from a single agency. In sum, the critical element of membership is the evaluation expertise the individual brings in support of advancing the Federal evaluation community.

All members commit to a minimum 14-month, renewable term. Members carry out the work of the ICEP through their contributions to specific subcommittees, projects, or activities based on their interests and expertise.

ICEP membership is by application only. If you are interested in applying to serve or would like to learn more, please contact .

Federal employees can learn about upcoming ICEP events, including monthly evaluation office hours on the second Friday, by visiting this internal website (log-in required).

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