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Welcome to, the home for Federal program evaluation and the Evaluation Officer Council. brings together the plans and activities that drive evaluation efforts across the Federal Government.

News & Highlights

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Agencies Publish Their Latest Annual Evaluation Plans

By The Evidence Team, OMB · March 31, 2023

Agencies have now published their latest Annual Evaluation Plans, which describe the significant evaluation activities they will undertake during fiscal year 2024... Continue Reading

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President’s Budget Demonstrates Commitment to Evidence and Evaluation

By The Evidence Team · March 13, 2023

The Evidence chapter in the President’s Budget and Chapter in Brief highlight the Administration’s accomplishments and continued commitment to building and using evidence. Continue Reading

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Progress on the White House Year of Evidence for Action

By Christina Ciocca Eller (OSTP), Mariam Gulaid (OSTP), and Diana Epstein (OMB) · January 17, 2023

This post was originally shared on the OSTP website. Read on to learn more about the White House Year of Evidence for Action. Continue Reading


New Tool to Explore Agency Learning Agenda Questions!

By The Evidence Team · November 10, 2022

Federal agencies recently published agency-wide Learning Agendas as required by the Evidence Act. Learning Agendas, or evidence-building plans, provide a roadmap to building the evidence that's critical for effective, evidence-based decision-making across Government. Continue Reading

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