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The Federal Evaluation ToolkitBETA

Why Evaluate?

Evaluation is a powerful tool that agencies can use to understand what works, under what circumstances, and for whom. Yet, many agency staff and leaders may be unfamiliar with evaluation, and may not fully appreciate what evaluation is, why it is important, and how it can help them in their roles. These resources will help you talk to others about the value of evaluation and give you the tools you need to make the case to evaluate your agency's programs, policies, and/or operations.

Evidence for Action Pitch Decks

Slide Deck

You may find yourself needing to make the case for evaluation to others in your agency. These PowerPoint "pitch decks" bring together several resources you can use and tailor to your own needs and agency context. Knowing that your audience(s) may vary, there are three different pitch decks that vary in length and level of detail: (1) 5-Minute Quick Pitch; (2) 10-Minute Presentation; and (3) 20-Minute Discussion. Each slide deck speaks to the value of evaluation and explains how it can improve decision-making. Check out the overview to learn more about how this resource can help you.

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